Same day delivery services in Dubai

Same Day Delivery Services

We provide same day delivery services in Dubai and UAE. Our Company is the leading delivery service company in UAE. Samed date delivery services are the most popular form of delivery services. Customers always prefer to get their parcels as earliest as possible without spending any additional delivery costs. Hence these delivery services are the perfect choice for customers and businesses as well. Additionally, these are quite affordable and you can send or receive your parcel in a quick time. Our company has a comprehensive network of bike riders, car drivers and van drivers all over Dubai and UAE. These riders and drivers are always ready to get the parcel and deliver it anywhere.

Furthermore, We have quite affordable same dated delivery services. We can send your shipments within Dubai and from Dubai to Sahrjah, Ajman within a few hours. Hence you need to wait for the delivery of your parcel again. Whether you’re a merchant, an online retailer, or an online shopper, our same day delivery service is the solution for you to satisfy customers. Same day delivery service is for all those who don’t want their customers to wait for a delivery.

Delivery Service in Dubai
Delivery Service in Dubai

Same Date Delivery Services

You can get your parcels delivered or received on the same date using our same date delivery services. Our company facilitates many businesses in the delivery of their products all over the UAE. Moreover, individual customers also take advantage of our services. Companies especially retail businesses prefer to ship their items to their customers in the least possible time. Further, these businesses have to make shipments all over the UAE. Hence they look for a delivery partner who can deliver their shipments or parcels to their customers. We do this job and deliver their products or parcels.

Moreover, we ensure sure safety of your parcels and always try to deliver it as it was picked. Hence you will always have peace of mind. We always prioritize customer satisfaction. Moreover, you can track your shipments all the using our delivery app. Hence you will be fully aware of the status of your parcels.

Same Date Delivery
Same Date Delivery

Price or cost of Same day delivery

We provide the Same Day Quick Delivery in Dubai. Same Day Delivery services are available within Dubai and from Dubai to Sharjah. Furthermore, we can arrange same day delivery from Dubai to Ajman and other emirates as well. Whether you want to send or receive your parcel our professional staff will ensure the collection of your package at the earliest. They also ensure delivery of your parcel on time.

New Al Wahid Delivery Services Company provides affordable same day delivery solutions. We provide end to end delivery for your most urgent deliveries at an affordable price. Approximate rates for same day delivery are given below.

Sr.#Service AreaWeight (Kg)Rate (AED)
1Dubi to DubaiUpto 5 Kg20-25
2Dubai to Dubai> 5 Kg +25-50
3Dubai to Dubai Bulk Deliveries Minimum 5 Deliveries/ DayDubai to Sharjah
4Dubai to Sjarjah25
5Dubai to Ajman25
6Dubai to Abu Dhabi, Alain30-40
7dDubai to RAK, Fujairah30-40
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