Delivery Services in Dubai

Delivery Services in Dubai & UAE

We provide Delivery Services in Dubai and all over the UAE. Our company provides different delivery options. Delivery services are available as express delivery services, same day delivery services and next day delivery services. You can also customize delivery options as per your requirements. We can prick your parcel from your desired location and deliver it at your convenience. we take your parcel and place it into the storage area and deliver it to your doorstep. Vans have special spaces for parcel delivery. Bikes or motorcycles also have boxes for small deliveries. Warehouse, bikes and vans are washed and sanitized on a regular basis. As we know temperature maintenance is also very important in this case.

Further, we ensure food safety and maintain the freshness of food. For express or urgent delivery you need urgently, contact us. We can arrange a pickup all over Dubai in 20 minutes. Hence, if you want to get something picked up and delivered within under 2 hours, this is for you. If you Want to collect something from somewhere and bring it to you. We can pick up it from there and deliver it to you. We also offer same day pick and delivery services in Dubai. Further, Our Service is affordable and reliable. We are proud to be one of the best on demand delivery services companies in Dubai.

Pickup and Delivery Service
Pickup and Delivery Service

Delivery Service

New Al Wahid Delivery Services Co. is a delivery services company based in Dubai. We have Collection points in different areas and emirates. New Al Wahid Delivery Services Co Delivery Services is one of the premier, reliable,  expert delivery services companies. As we provide services to many industries such as eCommerce, retail, FMCG, Flowers, Pharmaceutical and many other companies. Further, we help grow your business with our smooth delivery services. We have a nationwide network across the UAE. We also provide Timely, fast & quick delivery services and online time tracking facilities.

Our comprehensive features are:
Transparent & Competitive Pricing
Professional Support and Qualified Staff
All sorts of delivery vehicles equipped well
Online & Real Time Tracking, Fast & Efficient Delivery, Packing of general and fragile items
Warehouse, Shelving, Personalized Delivery solutions

Delivery in Dubai

New Al Wahid Delivery Services is the leading delivery service company in UAE. We provide an efficient solution for corporate deliveries, bulk deliveries & giveaway deliveries. Further, for special events like Christmas, weddings, Ramadan, Eid, Seminars, & related events we arrange gift distribution services. Whatever industry sector you operate in, we provide reliable & quick delivery services. Moreover, we do quick distribution operations as well.

Moreover, with a promise to maintain clients’ trust, we remove the burden of storage that troubles people. Customers may need different delivery options. Some customers may prefer to have a full-service pickup, while others may prefer a simple pickup requirement from a specified location. New Al Wahid Delivery Services offers a vast range of solutions suiting your requirements. We also do it according to the conditions and requirements. We arrange pickup of all forms of high value items. Further, we ensure urgent shipments all over the UAE. We have a team of professional drivers for all kinds of delivery services.

Delivery Service
Delivery Service Dubai

Delivery Services Dubai

Our Express Plus delivery service is a van based delivery service with a daily delivery option and a before noon service option. Express Freedom Cash on Delivery service recognizes the preference of customers shopping online to pay cash for their purchases. Our team collects your merchandise costs from your customers and repatriates the amount of cash into our account. We all know that cash carries its risks.

Further with our delivery services you don’t need to have a credit card to make purchases, order your products online and pay upon delivery. The world turns into your backyard with convenience with consumers’ cash payment facility at your fingertips. Moreover, use our services to increase your available market size and increase the number of customers who want to purchase your products using cash on delivery.

Delivery Services Dubai
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