Delivery Bike Service

Motorcycle/ Bike Delivery Service

We provide Motorcycle/ Bike Delivery Service all over Dubai and UAE. Bike delivery service is mostly used for food delivery, document delivery, grocery delivery and other courier services. Since your clients need food as it would be in the kitchen. So we have a smart system with heaters and coolers to maintain the right temperature. All our vehicles are equipped with these devices. Further, our staff is well trained to maintain the devices too. The further Delivery scooter has been specially designed for commercial use. New Al Wahid Delivery Services Co. LLC is the UAE’s RTA approved sustainable bike logistics solutions provider. Further, we have launched innovative services across Dubai. Hence we are a homegrown on demand express delivery solutions provider. We also offer agile, economical and eco friendly delivery services. Bike delivery services are available for organizations, individuals and restaurants

Bike Delivery Service
Bike Delivery Service

Motorcycle for delivery

We are a local delivery services company based in Dubai, UAE. New Al Wahid Delivery Services Co. LLC works as a dedicated contract carrier. We are a Workforce solutions provider to outsource driver recruitment. Our motorcycle or bike fleet has special boxes for all sorts of deliveries. Motorcycles are equipped with special boxes as per your requirements. Further, we have the most comprehensive fleet outsourcing solution. We provide last mile delivery services and a fleet for delivery. Hence we provide delivery services for online food ordering companies, restaurants, pharmacies, e-commerce, and offline retailers. we provide dedicated motorbike riders and LTV Drivers on fixed monthly or annual contracts.

Bike delivery Service
Bike delivery Service

Bike Delivery in Dubai

New Al Wahid Delivery Services Co. LLC is founded by logistics professionals and consultants with years of experience in UAE. Being in this line of service for many years we are in a position to understand the standards for best quality and apply these standards according to the client’s requirements. Moreover, our large fleet of bikes is available for delivery services. We also have a team of professional bike riders for delivery purposes. Further, Our Team members are very meticulous and sincere in their work. We also offer a professional yet casual environment that encourages creativity and generates innovation. Working with our talented team, we are committed to providing our customers with a solution that exceeds expectations. Moreover, our goal is to meet and exceed the customer’s daily needs and expectations by providing the highest level of bike delivery services. We ensure flexibility and dedication, all while being cost effective.

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