Delivery Van Service

Delivery Van Service

We provide delivery van service for delivery purpose all over Dubai and in whole UAE. Our company has a large fleet of delivery vans. Further we provide delivery van service all over Dubai. Additionally we equip these vans with special devices for delivery work. Every business has its own delivery requirement. That’s why we have Vans of different types to suit their delivery requirements. Moreover these vans are of different types and capacities. We provide these vans on contract basis to enhance delivery services needs of different businesses. Mostly delivery vans are available with drivers. You may also have vans without drivers as per your requirement. We always keep vans in very good condition keeping in mind all safety measures. Further our fleet has almost all kind of delivery vans from some prominent automobile manufacturers.

Most of our fleet consists of Toyota Hiace delivery vans and Nissan Urvan delivery vans. Mostly these vans are well maintained and are in very good condition. These vans can carry a large amount of cargo. Vans from these brands are of almost 200 to 300 cubic feet capacity.

Advantages of Delivery Vans

One of the main advantage of cargo van is that it is enclosed, which is good for food and bakery items. Delivery van or cargo van is also suitable for documents delivery, electronics delivery and many other items. If you live in an area that commonly experiences rough weather. You may have to cancel or reschedule delivery and moving jobs on rainy days. Delivery vans are the best option as compared to pickup truck. However, with a cargo van, you will be able to make delivery anywhere. You can keep whatever you are transporting nice and dry during those wet days. Ecommerce Store, Restaurants, Meat and Grocery Shops love cargo vans for the transportation there items.

You will get well trained drivers with specialized vehicles, ready to deliver as per your instructions. You don’t need to purchase your own vehicles, worry about mileage or maintenance.

Another advantage of the delivery van is that it has enclosed body. Hence items inside delivery vans are protected. The inside of a cargo van can be modified as per requirement. These are many shelves or drawers, which help you in keeping your tools and equipment well organized. Hence delivery vans are much better than Pickup truck for delivery purpose.

Delivery Services Van
Delivery Services Van

Delivery Van
Delivery Van

Delivery Vans Service with Special Boxes

New Al Wahid Delivery Van Service is playing an important role to business. our main aim is to help different businesses in their delivery requirements. Further we serve to different industries, online business, restaurant and café. As we provide delivery services for the waiting customers.
We pick parcels and place them into our warehouse and then we transfer them to storage area of vehicles. Further we equip these vans very well. Moreover delivery vans have special storage area for all kind of items. Further we have equipped special boxes to the motorcycles. We use these bikes for small deliveries. The space where food is kept contains no debris and is washed and sanitized on regular basis. As we know that temperature maintenance is also very important in this case. Further we ensure food safety and maintain the freshness of food. Hence we equip carriage spaces with thermal blankets or coolers.

Delivery Vans Rental in Dubai & UAE

We provide delivery van service on rent for delivery purpose. Our company has a large fleet of delivery vans for rental needs of different companies. Further we provide delivery vans on rental basis all over Dubai and UAE. Additionally we install different devices and coatings of soft material in vans for delivery work. Further every business has its own delivery requirement. So we have delivery vans of different types to suit their requirements. Moreover these vans are also of different size and capacities. We provide these vans on contract basis to meet delivery services needs of different businesses. Moreover Vans are available with drivers & without drivers as well. We provide delivery vans on daily, weekly and monthly contract basis.

Delivery vans are also available per item, per delivery or on fixed delivery rates. Further we have delivery vans with different capacities and specifications. Our vans are always in very good condition keeping in mind all safety measures. Further our fleet has almost all kind of delivery vans.

Our rental fleet offers a wide range of cargo/delivery vehicles, refrigerated vehicles, large and small vehicles. Hence we cater all operations from supermarkets to small independent stores and wholesalers. You may need to hire a delivery vehicle for a few days or for a longer term. You can avail our services. Our exceptional service has gained us customers including major supermarkets, food service providers, food manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and local retailers. If you need a delivery or cargo van to transport your goods, then we are here to help you. We have a wide range of delivery vans.

What is a Delivery Van

A delivery van is a shipping vehicle with a single row of seats and no side windows. Usually it is built on the frame of a passenger car. Delivery rental vans are smaller than delivery trucks and are enclosed and safe for parcel delivery. The single row of seats allows the driver to take another professional with him who helps in delivery operations. If you are living in Dubai and looking for a commercial van for your business or personal use, you can contact us. You can call us to book a delivery van in Dubai. Further we are offering commercial van for rental on daily weekly and monthly basics.

Many people rent cargo delivery vans to move their belongings. Moreover you can use cargo vans for your business as well. You can transport goods, parcels and items in these cargo vans. In addition to being a great vehicle for small transfers, a cargo delivery van has a variety of other applications that you can incorporate into your daily routine. These are many scenarios where renting a delivery van will come in handy, from shopping trips to small business needs.

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